Planning an Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

Outdoor Kitchen Remodel

Outdoor kitchens yield high ROI and can enhance your home’s livability and value. Start by selecting a design that fits your space and budget, then consider add-ons to personalize the room.

Choose a material that can withstand the elements, like granite. This sleek Absolute Black granite in a honed finish will hold up to biting New England winters.


Countertops are a focal point and offer the opportunity to infuse personality in your outdoor kitchen. Little touches like napkin rings and cooking utensil storage jars are quick and easy to implement but can really add up to the overall look.

Consider stone for countertops; travertine, slate and soapstone can complement a wide range of architectural styles. Natural stone is durable and a breeze to maintain, especially when it’s sealed regularly.

Concrete countertops are another popular option that is available in a wide array of colors and textures. It’s easy to maintain, inexpensive and withstands South Carolina’s harsh climate.

Laminates are not a good choice for outdoor use as they are prone to rot, mildew and warping when exposed to the elements. Quartz counters are also a no-go for the outdoors as they are made from pigments that don’t stand up to sunlight. A better choice is a non-porous stone like soapstone, which can withstand the harsh elements and requires no sealing. Over time, it naturally darkens and will develop a beautiful patina.


Outdoor kitchens are exposed to extreme weather conditions, oil or grease spills and excess moisture, so durable flooring like concrete, brick, ceramic tile and natural stone is ideal. The color and pattern of your flooring should match your overall outdoor kitchen palette.

A wood-burning fireplace adds warmth and ambiance to any backyard cook space. It also makes the area a gathering spot for friends and family to socialize after cooking and eating.

If you want your new Outdoor Kitchen Remodel to be a true extension of your home, consider adding extra kitchen appliances like a smoker, beer dispenser or blender to enhance the functionality. These products are simple to install, but can make your outdoor kitchen feel more high-end and add value for future homebuyers.


You’ll need some way to store your food, cookware, and utensils—and the cabinets you choose will impact the style of your space. Do you want a modern feel, or more of a rustic ambiance? Stainless steel is a durable choice that can easily handle the elements.

For a more organic look, consider wood. Cedar, for example, is naturally resistant to rot and insects and can be stained with a variety of colors to match your outdoor kitchen cladding. It’s important to note, however, that it can be vulnerable to moisture, so regular cleaning is essential.

Another option is marine-grade aluminum. It’s more affordable than stainless steel and has the advantage of being weatherproof, so it can withstand humidity and temperature fluctuations. However, it’s also susceptible to color fading over time. If you’re considering this material, look for a high-end brand that offers a warranty. This ensures that your cabinets will last for years to come.


Lighting is the final piece of the puzzle when it comes to transforming your outdoor kitchen into a functional and welcoming gathering space. It’s important to keep in mind how you will use the space for cooking and entertaining during your initial planning stages to determine what type of light fixtures and ambient lighting will work best for the area.

Task lighting is a necessity for illuminating the grill and food prep areas. It can also add to the overall aesthetic of your kitchen by highlighting different features and elements. For example, a stone staircase lined with enchanting lights leading to the kitchen is both functional and beautiful.

Ambient lighting is a great way to set the mood for your new kitchen. Installing dimmers on your lighting fixtures lets you personalize the mood with a flip of a switch. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy and homey atmosphere or a more modern feel, the options are endless.